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Videos on the Bible's promotion
of compassion for the needy

Welcome to the first of a series of videos, designed by a life-long devout Christian, and a clergyman for over 40 years, to show that the God of the Hebrew Bible, and Jesus of Nazareth, the hero of the New Testament, have been among the most passionate of "bleeding heart liberals" of all time. I am going to accomplish this by using nothing but their own words with only a few words of my own to string their magnificent pearls of wisdom together into a meaningful and beautiful treasury of wisdom, which everyone can admire and want to live by.
        The Hebrew bible, which Christians refer to as "the Old Testament", is divided into some 40 books or chapters, but although the greatest number of these may be devoted to history, and a few to poetry and worship, Jews show what is most important to them by referring to their bibles main parts as "the Law" & "the Prophets". "The Law" comprises the first 5 books of the bible, which deal with the founding of the world and the Hebrew nation, and "the Prophets" are the books dealing with all of their greatest preachers.
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This first video deals with the way
"the Law" or "Torah" promoted liberalism

The second video deals with the way
"the Prophets" promoted liberalism

Later videos will deal with the teaching
of the most liberal of all the great prophets
of the bible, Jesus of Nazareth.

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